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Heartford Jewellery Group

– Honest; Integrity; Focus; Professional; and Caring!

“Heartford Jewellery” is originally from Europe. We have been in Diamond and Jewellery wholesales business for many years. Our products have been selling to many jewelers in Europe, America and Asia. All our customers from different countries around the world think highly of our outstanding product design and high quality workmanship jewellery. We are one of the most price competitive wholesalers in the industry. We purchase directly from Diamond mines, Precious stone mines and manufactories with big volume. We hold big volume certified diamonds (GIA, HRD, IGI certificate).

We have our own Jewellery designers and Jewellery factory. We provide professional OEM and ODM Jewellery service and production for worldwide Jewelers. Our designers well mix Europe culture with Asia culture to design and produce Elegant, Fashionable, Delicate and Beautiful jewellery. We design and produce different types of jewellery for all our customers and lead the world jewellery fashion.  

Our goal is to, based on customers’ different needs and budget, personalize and tailor make every piece of jewellery for our customers. We produce high quality, Elegant, differentiated, price competitive jewellery to meet all our customers’ needs.  

  • ·         Our big volume purchase directly from diamonds and precious stones mines makes every piece of our jewellery prices competitive, which allows our customers to be able to enjoy our price advantages of bulk and direct purchase.
  • ·         Our careful selections on every piece of stone allows our customers to be able to buy the best quality jewellery in our shop.
  • ·         Our professional design and dedicated production team allows our customers to be able to wear Extra fine craft Jewellery.


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